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Dads Swapping Their Daughters For Sex


Kate Bloom and her dad Charles Dera are headed to Kate`s friend`s house. Emma Starletto can`t wait to see her friend, and her dad, Steve Holmes, is looking forward to meeting Kate`s dad and chatting over a beer. The girls are planning a vacation together, so Kate has brought a few outfits for them to try on. Kate asks if she thinks they should invite their dads on vacation and reveals that she thinks Steve is cute. Emma thinks Charles is cute, too. They decide to each flirt with the other`s dad by going out into the living room and asking the dads to watch a scary movie.The movie has the intended effect as the girls get closer to the dad of their choice with each jump scare. Soon Emma just quits with the pretense and starts rubbing Charles`s cock. Kate puts Steve`s hand on her pussy and curls up so the other is on her small tit. Charles tries to call Steve on where his fingers are, but Steve offers for Charles to have fun with his daughter if Steve can have fun with Kate. Now that it`s out in the open, both daddy/daughter combos can have fun. Emma chooses to go for a BJ first, while Kate lays back on the couch and takes Steve`s tongue for a trial run. Then the girls swap so that Emma is getting eaten out while Kate sucks Emma`s dad off.When the girls decide to take playtime to the next level, they each climb on the other`s dad`s dick for a simultaneous stiffie ride. They can`t get enough of fucking together, so they get on their knees to let Steve and Charles take their respective coed doggy style. When the girls flip onto their backs, it`s open season for Steve and Charles to take what they want from their partners. They each go to town banging those greedy twats until they can`t wait another moment. Emma is the first to get her partner to cum, with Charles covering her pussy in jizz. Responding to Kate`s begging, Steve gives her the creampie she desires.

Starring: Emma Starletto

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