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Sister Pays For Bitching


No one fucks with Kate Bloom or her brother Rion King. When Kate learns that her boyfriend has cheated on her with RIon`s girlfriend, she takes a moment to confirm the rumor and then goes full nuclear. Calling her brother into her room, Kate convinces Rion that the only appropriate reaction is that they need to have revenge sex. Rion is a reluctant participant at first, but when Kate lays hands on his dick it`s already hard enough for her to start blowing him.Kate`s BJ is such a turnon that Rion stops objecting and starts getting into it. His sis gets on her hands and knees, and Rion spreads her ass cheeks apart so he can properly worship that ass and clit with his mouth. Then he shoves his dick balls deep inside his sis, committing fully to fucking. They`re in the middle of banging when Kate`s boyfriend calls to apologize and learns that he`s way too late. The call makes their ball slapping sex even hotter once Kate hangs up.Hopping onto Rion`s fuck stick, Kate shows her brother how well she rides the D. Then she falls to her back so he can go to town dominating that bald twat. She`s already nice and wet as Rion reaches his finish line and blows his load all over Kate`s snatch. Double dipping as he cums, Rion gives Kate a creampie as they both enjoy the knowledge that they`ve taught their exes a lesson.

Starring: Kate Bloom

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